Rates accurate as of February 7th, 2016.

Certificates of Deposit

TermMinimum Balance Requirement & Opening DepositInterest RateAnnual Percentage YieldCompound Method
1 month$2,500.000.10%0.10%Simple Interest
3 month$2,500.000.10%0.10%Simple Interest
6 month$2,500.000.20%0.20%Simple Interest
9 month$2,500.000.15%0.15%Simple Interest
12 month$2,500.000.30%0.30%Simple Interest
15 month$2,500.000.30%0.30%Quarterly
18 month$1,000.000.45%0.45%Quarterly
24 month$1,000.000.50%0.50%Quarterly
30 month$1,000.000.70%0.70%Quarterly
36 month$1,000.000.75%0.75%Quarterly
48 month$1,000.001.00%1.00%Quarterly
48 month One Time Step Up$2,500.001.05%1.05%Quarterly
60 month$1,000.001.15%1.16%Quarterly
6 month online special*$10,000.000.20%0.20%Simple Interest

Penalty for early withdrawal.

*Maximum amount for this special is $250,000.00.

*This rate can only be received by completing the online application. This rate cannot be received at a branch location.