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We're coming together and putting you first.

As of April 2, 2019, BankFirst Capital Corp., the parent of BankFirst Financial Services has completed its acquisition of FNB Bancshares of Central Alabama Inc., the parent of FNB of Central Alabama. Although the acquisition is complete, the conversion (which includes new debit cards, changing of the name from FNB to BankFirst, etc.) will not be complete until November 18, 2019. FNB customers should continue to bank as usual until the conversion is complete in November.

Here from FNB President & CEO of FNB around the time of the merger agreement in the video below:

Hi, I’m Heyward Gould.

We announced in November of 2018 that FNB had agreed to be acquired by BankFirst. I’m excited to announce that the acquisition has been finalized and is official as of April 1, 2019.

Although the acquisition is legally finalized and official, nothing will actually change right away. We want to continue the sentiment of “simple” during our transition process—keeping it as simple as possible for each of you and all of our customers. So for most of us, it’ll be business as usual until November of 2019. That’s because we have a dedicated transition team who will be working behind the scenes to ensure a smooth conversion.

FNB’s transition to become “BankFirst” will be a process. We’ll continue to call ourselves “FNB” until the conversion is complete later this year—after that time, we will proudly be “BankFirst.”

For more than half a century, customers have trusted FNB when planning their futures, when trying to get ahead, or just when dealing with life’s challenges. FNB has been with them every step of the way, and I truly believe our two financial institutions coming together as one allows us to provide even better service to more people in our communities.

In the meantime, I invite you to get to know BankFirst by following them on social media:

We came together to put our customers and communities first, and as I transition into my new role as Center President at the Tuscaloosa office, I’m confident that the leadership of BankFirst will continue holding our shared values as an institution and our dedication to the families and businesses of Central Alabama.


Heyward Gould
President & CEO
FNB of Central Alabama

Who is BankFirst Financial Services?

BankFirst offers a full range of financial solutions, including commercial loans, consumer banking, mortgage loans, and treasury management services. BankFirst, chartered in 1888 in Macon, MS is a $975 million financial institution that is locally owned, controlled and operated with 17 full service locations in Columbus, Flowood, Jackson, Macon, Madison, Newton, Starkville, West Point, MS and Tuscaloosa, AL including its corporate headquarters in Columbus and corporate operations in Macon, MS. Learn more at


Why did we choose BankFirst?

With BankFirst, we found a partner that is like us and will continue the focus on our local communities and exceptional products and services. Our FNB team of local professionals will continue to be here to serve you before, during, and after the transition. We will update you along the way with the specific dates of the transition and when the FNB banking centers will convert to BankFirst.


Is there anything I need to do today? 

No, there is no change and your accounts and services will continue to work as they do today. Please continue to access your accounts as you currently are accustom to doing and continue to contact FNB for any of your banking questions or needs.


What number do I call for customer service?

Please continue to call the FNB banking center at 866.318.3238 or the Telephone Banking at 800.240.8796.


When will my accounts transition to BankFirst? 

All deposits, loans and other products services will transition to BankFirst at conversion which is tentatively scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2019; there is nothing you need to do, please continue to use your accounts as usual.


Will my FNB debit card continue to work? 

Yes, your debit card will continue to work as it does today. There is no need to order a new debit card. At the appropriate time you will receive a BankFirst debit card to replace your current FNB debit card. With the conversion tentatively scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2019; we will notify you well in advance of the card being sent.


Will my FNB checks continue to work?

Yes, your checks will continue to work. At the appropriate time after the conversion in the 4th quarter of 2019, your checks will change to the BankFirst logo when an order is placed and include updated account information.


Will my online and mobile banking change?

Your online and mobile banking services will not change for the time being and you will continue to access your FNB online banking and bill pay at Sometime during the 4th quarter of 2019 you will receive information regarding the transition to BankFirst'™s online and mobile banking platforms. Again, we anticipate this to be a seamless transition.


Where do I send my loan payments?

Continue to send your loan payments to FNB as you have always. We will notify you in the 4th quarter of 2019 when and if any payment information may change. The existing terms of your loan will remain the same and will require no action on your part.

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