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Let BILLSHARK take a bite out of your recurring bills.

If you have monthly bills from providers like the ones above (and the longer list below), the bill negotiating experts at BILLSHARK can typically lower your bill 85% of the time. And they only charge you if they save you money.

If you have bills from these providers and many more, BILLSHARK wants to negotiate with them on your behalf to save you money without changing your service.





BILLSHARK is on a mission to help people like you to save time and save money by lowering their monthly bills.

Leveraging market intel and negotiations know-how, BILLSHARK will negotiate recurring monthly bills such as cable, internet, satellite radio, satellite TV, wireless phones and home decurity without changing your service.

Most of BILLSHARK customers work with BILLSHARK because the customer knows they’re overpaying, and want a hassle-free way to save money. The customer doesn’t want to be bothered with the details like waiting on hold or dealing with provider representatives.

Are you overpaying?

More than likely! Odds are you’re overpaying. Studies show 80% of people are overpaying for basics like cable, internet, wireless bills, and home security bills.

How does it work?

  1. Proceed to:  or visit and follow the link.
  2. Create an account. Create a username and password or login using Facebook or Google.
  3. Upload bills.  Upload your cable, TV, internet, mobile, alarm, satellite radio or phone bill.  Start with one or upload a few to increase your savings.
  4. Kick back & relax! BILLSHARK takes it from there! 

BILLSHARK success rate is 85% of the time.  They work on your behalf to get you the best rates, while keeping your services the same!

BILLSHARK will keep you updated every step of the way via text & email. Keep tabs of the status through your BILLSHARK dashboard.

How much money can I save?

BILLSHARK customers save an average of $285 annually per bill negotiated. The more bills you send BILLSHARK, the more you can save! BILLSHARK’s highest savings was nearly $10,000 for a single customer. Let's just say they were THRILLED!
So far, BILLSHARK has saved their customers over $8 million!

What if BILLSHARK can’t save any money?

Sometimes you're already at the best rate possible. BILLSHARK will always confirm this with your provider. If they can't save you any money, BILLSHARK’s service is 100% free. Guaranteed.