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We always want to give credit where credit is due. That means making sure our customers have a credit card that packs lots of purchasing power.

We offer Visa® and MasterCard® options, so you can choose the best credit plan for your budget. Apply for your BankFirst credit card today!

  • Three cards to choose from:
    • Visa Classic
    • Visa Gold
    • MasterCard
  • Competitively low rates
  • Accepted virtually everywhere, worldwide
  • ScoreCard bonus point program available
  • Easily manage and make payments online
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen

24/7 Management

Access your card online, anytime when you register your account with MyCardStatement. View your ScoreCard reward balance, browse prizes, and redeem your points — create your profile today.

Increased Security

Add an extra layer of protection while shopping online by registering your BankFirst Visa Credit Card with Verified by Visa.

No rewards at this time.

Read all about the specifics of each card we offer by downloading the corresponding credit card agreement below: