VTM Teller Machine

Video Teller Machines

Meet our fastest teller ever.

With our Live Video Teller Machines, you can interact remotely with real BankFirst tellers to cash checks, make deposits, make payments, and more.

Basically a Drive-Thru

Basically, anything you can do at a drive-thru can be done at our Live Video Teller Machines.

  • Cash checks
  • Make deposits
  • Withdraw cash
  • Transfer funds
  • Make payments
  • ATM when not live

How it Works

The Live Video Teller experience includes all the functions of a drive-thru—where the teller communication is all done through video. And after-hours, it simply serves as an ATM.

See demonstration video below:

Our Video Teller Machines are “Live” Monday through Friday, 7:30AM–6:00PM. You can choose to use the VTM as an ordinary ATM anytime, 24/7.





VTM Locations

BankFirst is adding Video Teller Machines to select branches throughout our communities.

Check our locations page to find a VTM near you.

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