Mobile Wallet

Unleash the power to pay with your phone.

It may sound high tech and complicated, but it’s actually surprisingly simple. If you have a smartphone with a mobile wallet app, you can securely add your BankFirst debit card to use your money from now on without actually handling your debit card at all. Once set up, your card information is encrypted and stored for use even when you don't have your card, fully utilizing the security features of your smartphone such as Touch ID®, Face ID®, and other cutting edge technologies depending on the device.

Who can use Mobile Wallet?

Most modern smartphones (especially iPhone®, Android®, Samsung®, and Google® smartphones) come standard with a mobile wallet app. Simply download or go to your wallet app on your smartphone and follow the prompts to add your BankFirst personal or business debit card.

Apple Pay

Pay with your iPhone and Apple Watch when you see either of these symbols in-store or online checkout.

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Google Pay

Pay with your Google and Android devices when you see either of these symbols at checkout.

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Samsung Pay

Pay with Samsung devices when either of these symbols are at checkout, in-app, or online.

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After your BankFirst debit card is linked during initial setup, all you have to do is hold or wave your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch over a point-of-sale terminal (same device you would swipe with a credit card). The terminal will pick up your card and process your payment.

It’s actually more secure than carrying your physical cards. Most mobile wallet apps don’t store your real card number. Instead, they give your card an encrypted code so it can be stored securely. This means if your phone is lost or stolen, no one can get your card information.

You can add all of your BankFirst (and other participating providers) debit/credit cards to your mobile wallet.

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