Available and Current Balances

Available Balance includes pending items and your Bounce Protection limit, unless you have declined the Bounce Protection Service; for consumer accounts overdraft funds do not apply to ATM and everyday debit card transactions, unless opted-in for Bounce Plus. Please remember that use of overdraft funds will result in additional fees being assessed against your account depending on the overdraft service used to cover an item. Please see the Bank’s Fee Schedule for more information about the applicable fees for each overdraft service.

Current Balance is balance as of the end of the previous business day. Please remember that the Bank uses the Current Balance for the purposes of determining whether your account is overdrawn and for assessing Overdraft and NSF Fees. This means that you may be assessed Overdraft and/or NSF Fees per item, based on your Current Balance, even though your Available Balance may show a different balance amount due to the inclusion of pending items and your Bounce Protection limit.

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