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Corporate Profile


BankFirst Capital Corporation is a $2.3 billion financial institution that is locally owned, controlled, and operated. Its subsidiary, BankFirst Financial Services is headquartered in Columbus, Mississippi, and the Bank operates additional branch offices in Columbus, Flowood, Hattiesburg, Jackson, Louin, Macon, Madison, Newton, Starkville, and West Point, Mississippi; and Addison, Aliceville, Arley, Bear Creek, Carrollton, Curry, Double Springs, Fayette, Gordo, Haleyville, Northport, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The Bank also operates five loan production offices in Birmingham, Alabama as well as Biloxi, Brookhaven, Oxford, and Tupelo, Mississippi. 

BankFirst Financial Services offers a wide variety of services for businesses and consumers, including online banking, no-fee ATM access, checking, CD, money market accounts, mortgage loans, remote deposit capture, and more. You may email us here or visit BankFirst's website for more information. 


BankFirst Capital - OTCQX



Board of Directors


Charles David Barge*

Holding Company and Bank Director
President, Barge Forest Products Company / Timberland Management

Haley Reeves Fisackerly

Holding Company and Bank Director
President and CEO
Entergy Mississippi, Inc.

William L. Freeman

Bank Director
Former President and CEO
Newton County Bank

Andrew Moak Griffin

Holding Company and Bank Director
President and CEO
BankFirst Financial Services

Joe D. Hollis

Holding Company and Bank Director
Hollis Roofing, Inc.

Edward Frank Hopper

Holding Company and Bank Director
Ellis Steel Company, Inc.

Edwin C. Mauck

Holding Company and Bank Director
Former Owner
Hopkins Insurance LLC

Rickey J. McCreless

Holding Company and Bank Director
Former CEO
Traders & Farmers Bank

Phillip O. McGuire Sr.

Holding Company and Bank Director, Mayor of Macon, MS
Owner and Managing Partner
POM Properites LLC

Melinda W. Pilkinton

Holding Company and Bank Director
Retired Social Science Professor and Researcher
Mississippi State University

Gregory C. Rader

Holding Company and Bank Director
Chief Executive Officer
Columbus Recycling Corporation 

James Robert (Bob) Shearer

Holding Company and Bank Director
Smith Shellnut Wilson, BKD LLP

George D. Sherman

Holding Company and Bank Director
George Sherman Clothiers

William E. Walker

Bank Director
Former Chairman and President
Traders & Farmers Bank

W. Brett Whiteside

Bank Director
Former Senior Vice President
Traders & Farmers Bank

Camille Young

Holding Company and Bank Director
Vice President
Cornerstone Government Affairs


* Chairman of the Board


Executive Leadership


Moak Griffin

Chief Executive Officer

Luke Yeatman

Executive Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

Jim McAlexander

Executive Vice President
Chief Retail & Operations Officer

Marcus Mallory

Executive Vice President
Chief Banking Officer

Lee Seago

Executive Vice President
Chief Risk Officer

Ron Allen

Executive Vice President
Chief Credit Officer

Heyward Gould

Executive Vice President
Alabama Regional President

Greg Moore

Executive Vice President
Mississippi Regional President


What is the current BFCC stock price?
The stock price will vary and be based on prices that buyers and sellers are willing to accept for their shares. You can view the current price for BFCC stock by visiting

What is the process for selling my shares?
Please call Eric Lawless at the information below or your local Broker.

Eric B. Lawless
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 404-601-7202
Cell: 678-873-1377

What has changed about the way I can buy/sell BankFirst Capital Corporation (BFCC) Stock?
BFCC stock has previously only been available to trade through individually negotiated transactions between buyers and sellers and only through physical delivery of stock. FIG Partners will now serve as a "market maker" in our stock, which allows them to serve as both a buyer and seller in the stock, to help expedite the trading process. Additionally, BFCC stock will be able to be held in book entry format to facilitate elactronic settlements which will eliminate the need for physical delivery of shares that have been converted to book entry.

What does "physical delivery" mean?
Physical delivery refers to the process whereby publicly-traded shares of a bank stock are delivered to the buyer/seller for settlement. Physical delivery means actul certified shares have to be mailed in a process that can take 2-4 weeks to settle a trade.

What does "book entry" mean?
Book entry is the term commonly used to describe bank stocks that are not issued in a certificate form, but are held in electronic form at a Broker. Book entry holders recieve a statement from the Broker showing ownership details. Book entry registered bank stocks help support a much faster process when buying or selling shares compared to physical delivery.

What is the commision cost?
FIG charges a commision of 1% of the stock price. Should you use a different broker, please ask for a list of potential fees that may be charged.

Can I use my existing broker relationship to sell the stock?
You may or may not be able to use your existing broker to sell BFCC stock, depending largely on your broker and what firm they are associated with.

What if I have lost my shares, or if I need to update ownership information?
Lost shares must be replaced first before any transaction can go forward. Similarly, ownership must be accurate prior to completing a transaction. Replacment certificates may be requested by contacting IssuerDirect (the Bank's transfer Agent)
IssuerDirect can be contacted by phone at (919) 744-2722

What is a "Transfer Agent"?
The transfer agent is the company contract by the Company to provide record keeping of all shareholders holdings and transactions. IssuerDirect serves as the TRansfer Agent for BankFirst Captial Corporation.

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