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A Better Way to Bank

BankFirst is headquartered in Columbus, Mississippi with extensive corporate operations in Macon, Mississippi. Established in 1888 with one location, we currently operate 16 branch locations in Mississippi and Alabama. We have been a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) since 2010. Our Board of Directors and management team continue to be committed to our vision of "becoming the dominant, community-focused, independent bank in the markets we serve."

Mission Statement

"The mission of BankFirst is to consistently meet and frequently exceed the expectations of:

OUR CUSTOMERS who expect competitively priced, high quality products and service from a knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive staff

OUR SHAREHOLDERS who expect prudent management and a sound return on their investment through dividends and stock appreciation

OUR EMPLOYEES who expect an enjoyable and challenging work environment where they are driven by teamwork then recognized and rewarded for performance on the merits of their individual accomplishments and the success of our bank."

Core Values

We will conduct our business and achieve our mission in a manner that reflects our core values.


It is our belief with independence, comes a competitive advantage that creates flexibility and recognition of market intangibles that help our company, its communities, its customers and its stakeholders thrive and grow.


We will be honest, reliable, and consistent as we strive to do the right things for our customers, shareholders, employees, and communities.


We will respect our communities, employees and company by understanding the perspective of others, recognizing their value, and treating people fairly.


We are committed to independently and as a team strive to meet and exceed expectations for each of our stakeholders every day.


We are collectively better as a team than as individuals and will work toward common goals by helping one another, recognizing that all of us can contribute and have a role, and respectfully offering ideas for change and improvement.


On June 1, 1888, Merchants and Farmers Bank, in Macon, MS, opened with $20,000 in capital. The first home of the bank was the law office of Judge H. W. Foote, the only building in town with a fireproof vault. During the depression in the 1930s, board members personally pledged high quality municipal bonds to insure the funds of our depositors. This action reassured the depositors, and no run was ever made on the bank.

The 1990s was a decade of great growth as the bank moved into the Golden Triangle. In 1994, the bank added three branches in Columbus, and then branched into West Point on a de novo basis in 1997. In 1999, the bank opened two de novo branches in Starkville. With the rapid expansion of the bank's service area, it was felt that the bank needed a new name — one that would better represent our ability to meet the financial needs of all the people within the communities we serve. For that reason, on July 12, 1999, Merchants & Farmers Bank became BankFirst. We believe the new BankFirst name expresses our desire to be a bank that places the needs of its customers first.

In 2002, BankFirst expanded its service area again by moving into the Greater Jackson area. The bank now has branches in Madison, Flowood and Jackson.

In 2014 the bank expanded into Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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